Automation System

Apr 1, 2018 - Dec 1, 2019


Whenever any developer made changes or improvements to a product, an automated system helped ensure these changes work well. Push was triggering build in TFS, and after build was completed our system started verification. It created a lot of isolated environments in VMware, delivered application to those environments along with the code of the tests and launched tests.

System Diagram

Autotest System

My Role

  • I made a lot of improvements in reporting, some more noticeable:

    • Historical burndown charts that spanned up to a year.

    • Wrote a serializer that converted custom xml format of test reports into lightweight, easily navigable html reports.

    • Developed excel and pdf reports that demonstrated product readiness for each release cycle.

    • Integrated log monitoring and file system APIs to enhance real-time test run updates.

    • A commits and history feature was added to keep track of changes in test code and test environment configurations.

    Side - Reporting Portal

  • I designed and implemented Reporting portal for time tracking and employees' workload across all company's projects and features:

    • It was a web app that was getting dump of TFS project management data and saved it into database to provide reports about what employees are working on.

    • My teamlead built a component that was dumping TFS data about tasks and features states.

    • And I developed backend and frontend for the app itself from scratch.