CTO @Troove

Apr 1, 2020 - Jan 1, 2021


I was the CTO of a startup developing a platform for businesses to find customers during cold hours. I hired a team of developers, designed the system’s architecture, and made a couple of product versions from scratch.

System Diagram


My Role

  • I built engineering team and product from scratch:

    • Audit of the existing technical implementation.

    • Building a new team (JS developers, QA).

    • System design.

    • Software development team leading, interaction with other departments.

    • Selection, administration, and management of the instruments (k8s, GitLab, Jira, Confluence, testpad, yandex.cloud).

    • Implementation of agile processes, tasks prioritization and decomposition.

    • Building and support of the system infrastructure using GitLab CI, kubernetes, docker, mongodb, and elastic hosted in yandex.cloud.


  • MVP and major update of the mobile app were released in App Store & Google Play.

  • MVP and a lot of incremental updates for backend microservices (16 for business logic and few for the infrastructure) and admin frontend web portal.

  • Implementation of the CI/CD for admin web portal and backend microservices for test and production environments.

  • Good team chemistry, agile methodologies, sprint retro and planning, stand-ups, 1x1, and 2-month planning regularly.

Building a startup from scratch: my mistakes as CTO

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